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Tradelocks Roadshows 2017

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Hi everyone. For the locksmith community, Tradelocks run a number of roadshows around different parts of the UK and Ireland, offering free training and advice on a number of auto locksmith products. It allows you to play about with any products and learn how to use them before deciding if you want to buy them or not.



From reading a number of the posts, there are a lot of you guys who dabble in and out of locksmith work, and we believe this could be of great interest to you.


There will be free demonstrations and training on the following areas:

- Keyline key cutting machines
- Keyline key cloning
- KeyDIY key cloning

- Truecode

- SuperVAG

- Genuine Lishi lock picking and decoding


Tradelocks will have their locksmith experts there, and you can ask as many questions as you'd like about anything.


The first roadshow is this weekend in Dublin (short notice I know) on Saturday 25th Feb 2017.


However the second roadshow is being held at CitySafe in Romsey on Saturday 8th April 2017. Here you will be able to meet us all, and also view our brand new range of cylinder key blanks and retail door and window security products including cylinders, letterboxes, door knockers and more.


The event in Romsey is being held at:

City Safe
B4 The Premier Way
Abbey Park Industrial Estate,
SO51 9DG

You can register for the event for free at http://tradelocks.co.uk/tradelocks-roadshow-registration.html


If you have any questions just ask below and we'd more more than happy to answer :)

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