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Plenty of how to videos online for rw4 as well as on silca sites , very easy to use as menu driven , insert the key you want to program , press read , it will tell you what chip you have and whether clonable and what clone chip you need to do this on the screen , then press copy on menu machine will instruct you to 

insert original key and press read 

it will tell you what chip you need 

it will then tell you to either go to car and snoop , or it will calculate data and tell you to insert cloning chip and press write and jobs done , the machine guides you every step.

for snoop jobs like id46 and id48 there are many videos on doing these online , the snoop also tells you when it has its data via the 2 lights on the snoop , very easy to use.

had you bought the machine new from a supplier they would include a few hours training , though not needed with rw4 as simple menu driven device , maybe the person who sold it to you would give you a few hours on it .

google is your friend , an array of videos on rw4 https://www.google.com/search?q=cloning+videos+with+rw4&oq=cloning+videos+with+rw4&gs_lcrp=EgZjaHJvbWUyBggAEEUYOTIHCAEQIRigAdIBCTkzMjVqMGoxNagCALACAA&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8


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