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Hi everyone,

Would anyone know where I can get copy's of this key...

I bought an apartment recently here in ireland and was only given this 1 key which opens the main entrance door and my apartment door. When I went to the auctioneer looking for more keys after the sale went through he said that's all he was given.

I went back to the previous owner who tells me he has no other keys.

I was onto yale who basically said there might be an accompanying code card for the key, I told them that the previous owner has no recollection of any card being issued with the keys.

Then yale said I have to go back to whoever fitted the locks originally.. now these apartments were built 27 years ago.

I have been in touch with a number of key cutting companies but all are saying they can't do it. They say just change the locks. But that would mean I would have to replace the locks on every apartment..

Any help on here would be much appreciated as this is driving me bonkers.




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Thanks very much for the replys. Much appreciated. Growster you are correct on the other side there is actually 2 "D's" followed by 2 digits.

Top right hand corner has D41 and under where it says "patented do not copy" there is D16.

Top left has E153.

There is also a longer number embossed on it PR031195.

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