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Can someone explain what is happening or what I am doing wrong? If anything?

I've cut this key by decode on the Ninja

Why does it appear to look nothing like the original but still work perfectly?

I used the 13 pin Platinum, and I calibrated the jaws before hand

Track was entered by sight and the pins were decoded by the machine

I cant for the life of my figure out why it doesn't hit all the dimple cuts and the track looks a little off but the key works fine

It wouldn't be a problem but customers are quick to pick up on it and I find myself wasting time trying to explain that it will work before they have even left the shop?

I've cut 6 of them now all look off but all do work?

Thanks in advance


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It is the way the machine is programmed to cut. Have similar issue with a Triax pro, on the snake cut the machine returns to position 1 after every cut.

So rather than a smooth straight line when you have 2 x 3 cuts side by side on the original the machine will cut a 3 go to a 1 then down to a 3 cut and so on.

If they keys work don't worry about it.

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