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Furniture Lock with Adjustable Backset

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Howdy Folks,

One of the locksmiths over here posted a photo of an adjustable backset furniture lock for an armoire that he had made keys for,

First time I have seen one,

It is stamped, but hard to read, he was not able to read it in person,

In the photo it maybe looks like DTC??A, DTG??, DIC?A or some such,

Wondered if any of you folks may  have knowledge  about it, and or can point us in  the right direction for information on it or others,

Thank You for looking Adjustable backset furniture.PNG

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I was thinking the same,

Wised he had opened it up for photos as well,

I forgot to add what he said about it,

..."Posted Monday at 03:04 PM

I just fit keys to some furniture ( antique ) locks  One had an adjustable backset! Very neato design!

Note the threaded rod connecting the bolt nose to the retracting lever.  On the top and bottom edge of lock case, are two set screws, they lock into the round rods at either end, to an infinite adjustment from longest to shortest backset within the range of motion. I have never seen such a bit key lock before."...

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