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1st Engraving Memories!

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Who remembers scratching out their 1st engraving jobs on these then?!! :-D 

(I can actually still smell those school desks, and feel the old chewing gum stuck underneath and the varnish that slowly got picked off over the years!! Hands covered in ink at the end of the day and somebody's decomposing banana skin under the lid! :-D)


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13 minutes ago, grahamparker said:

Didn't have you down as a public school attendee Gray :smt043

Ha! Just about passed my 11+. Went to grammar school  for a year then it all went comprehensive.  Used to buy a woodbine from the little shop by the school that  sold iced  buns.. Happy days

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3 hours ago, grahamparker said:

Better than me mate, never sat my exams, I was already working full time by that point.

I Could have possibly had 5+ o Levels but gave up learning once i started working at 14.

Worked out well for me in the long run.

We turned out OK though.


3 hours ago, Auto Key Wizard said:



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In primary school I was thumped hard on the back by the headmaster for writing Left Handed, and was forced to write, right handed. When my Mum found out, she took no prisoners. Made me very Ambidextrous though, great for engraving. I nearly ripped my left hand off in my finisher & also shattered my left shoulder during my time in business these early lessons at least meant it was business as usual. I could write on those tables upside down without even looking at what I was writing. I never married her though.

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