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Gluing EVA with Renia CDC - which primer?

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Just a gluing question. In our workshop we resole climbing shoes, approach shoes and mountaineering boots. We predominantly use Renia Products: CDC with Rehagol Primer for climbing shoes, and Renia PUR primer when gluing PU soles. I´m looking for some advice regarding gluing EVA midsoles - is it possible to apply Renia CDC directly to EVA or should a primer be used first. I´ve occasionally used the PUR primer on EVA foam and it actually seems to work well, but I´m not sure if this is correct or even necessary. 

Any advice greatly appreciated. 


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Hey Northern cobbler , My experience is that EVA glues well with just  standard Yellow contact . I assume Renia would be even better . But that depends on what you are sticking to it , That material might require some primer.I did a job today that was a combination . They were Nike hikers ( didn't know they existed ) from the late 90"s the outer sole was a yellow rubber and the mid sole was EVA The outer sole had come unstuck and needed re gluing. I did 2 coats on the EVA and 2 coats on the outer sole . I attached the sole on while the glue was still wet to help me slide the sole in position . After about 2 hours i heated up the sole and put it in a press . Its seems to have stuck well .

Lately i have been getting a lot of hiking boots in for gluing . Brands that i thought highly of have been failing . Scarpa , Merrell, Vasque and that sort of price range . When  just the toes come unstuck my go to glue is shoe goo it sticks well to everything but is not a contact so it need to be held , Taped , clamped, or rubber banded until it sets .

I recently started using Renia colle de colone and their 2 primers as suggested by some of the folk on this forum . So far i am impressed .

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