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The key is a TMC3 but I can't seem to find anyone in the U.K. who sells them, although you can buy them from The States on ebay.

You could also take a look at SIlca LF9r.

What model and year is it?





I'd be interested to know what key you end up using as I'm sure I've been asked about these, previously.


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JET TMC-3  /  Ilco X288

JET got bought out by Keyline so no more key making, and blanks are NOS now for who ever might have them on a shelf, eBay and such,

Might be able to order original blanks direct from a dealer / shop,

Ilco X288 // TMC3 is same but I have not seen any available yet,

Control (Ctrl) F then type x288 or tmc3 into search field, click through to see which bikes use the X288 // tmc3 at below link in the US, may be different in the UK ?


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