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Gold Embossing on leather

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Evening all.

I’ve long had the theory that gold embossing was a dying art that had been wiped out by the invention of laser engravers. 

In the past month we’ve been asked 4 times for gold embossing and 2 of these customers opted for laser engraving in the end. However 2 left with their items to find someone who offered embossing. 
To my knowledge no-one does gold embossing for miles, is this because there is no call for it?

So my question is, does anyone offer gold embossing? and is there still a call for it?
Cheers, Paul.  

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Up until 15 years ago we did.  We restored vintage field sports equipment and made old fashioned gun cases, slips and cartridge bags for a few trade customers and individuals.  A retired Bookbinder gold embossed 'one offs' for us with gold leaf, egg white and antique hand tools.   We foil blocked our regularly repeated items with a couple of small presses of our own.  Tim and Robin Healy kindly let me use their presses for larger items or larger runs.

At the time the cost of gold embossing initials was £35 per letter. For foil blocking the cost of type setting, engraving or acid etching a die was £25 - £75 plus printing at £2 - £15 per item depending on size and quantity.

There is a demand.  We got lots of enquiries about Initialling purses, wallets, Filofaxes and the like but when they understood the costs and risks involved the vast majority disappeared...thankfully.


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