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This is for anyone who is or has used our trade watch repair service over the years. We have now stopped doing trade watch repairs. In January it will be a decade since we started doing Bicycle repairs, as an add on to our services during a lean period this quickly esculated & steadily we've given more and more space to the cycling industry. A couple of years ago we started doing bikes on YouTube & the impact to growth has been incredible!

This month we stopped doing engraving to allow space to pack parcels from website sales on the back of the YouTube, And I'm steadily winding down "Cobb-Lee's" to make way for "Bikespeeds" Hence the decision to stop doing trade work. Thank you to all those who sent watches to us over the years, Business is a funny beast & we have to remain fluid so I'm sure you will understand our decision.


Cobb-Lee's Limited.

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