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Cutting to code on a master suite EU1R

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Can any one help on this problem I'm having cutting Euro locker locks to code on the 45 & 46  series.

The keys are not working and upon closer inspection the cuts are not matching the original keys, where available.

I've tried Silca software and Instacode.

Three different key machines. 299. Futura & Ninja Total all gives the same results.

I have come to the conclusion that the master wafers are not matching the codes exactly.

No pictures yet but I can provide if required.

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Do you have any photo's and measurements Keith.

What cutting option do you have set ? We use the flat cutting option on these, we did have issues when set to standard.

In fact we use the flat cutting option for all double sided keys.

Have you tried a calibration of the 299 recently ?.

The locks are actually quite accurate with them having 10 cuts.

Not had any issues with our 399 cutting them but not sure if the ones we have done have been under master.

I do know 2 local factories that have this series of locks fitted and we do quite a fair few each year for them both.

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