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Mattergrave, 5 stars for service

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I'd just like to sing the praises for Matt and Sarah at Mattergrave...

They saved my life by repairing my shaky Universal machine this last week, I drove it down last Monday (700 mile round trip from Edinburgh) Matt had it repaired back to brand new by the Thursday, I did another 700 mile round trip yesterday to collect it as I don't trust carriers to be careful with such a delicate piece of equipment.

As a Brucey Bonus he still had my original Universal (which I dropped off pre-covid on my way to pick up the other one which I got second hand), repaired and looking like new so I brought that back up the road too so I now have a spare.

Both machines repaired at a very good price indeed and worth the 17 hour days driving down and back.

Nice people and highly recommended


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