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Has anyone got a definite answer on which blanks work UAP Zerolift cylinders the best?

Local council has fitted on lots of doors and my results have been very hit and miss. Tried, UAP, Universal, ER1, TX3D and some work and some don't!

Would also be keen to buy a cylinder off someone if someone willing to post to me.

Many thanks


(image nicked from ebay)


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Strangely my key supplier said I should have no problems with either UAP or UL1, but I’ve had 6 customers with them and 5 have needed doing again. 

Always started with UAP then changed to other blanks to try and get working (generally I get very few keys back so it’s not my key cutting ability) 

From memory UAP has never worked for me. Customer today came back and I’ve cut him 4 different blanks and he’s going to call me on Monday with results. 



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