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Custom cricket spikes

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Hello all!

currently struggling to get the spikes to stay in the sole without ripping through the rubber sole whilst turning sharply. 

anyone have any good ideas how to stop this happening ? 

inhave a lot of people at the club / league asking for me to do these for them. Someone has mentioned a thin leather layer between the rubber and insert.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I can't believe there isn't a supplier in the UK to get these Champ spikes and collars from.

They're easily accessible in the USA, India and Australia from shoe repair wholesalers, but not here.

Converting trainers to cricket spikes is big business in the UK with all levels of player preferring the comfort and flexibility of a converted tennis trainer to a clumpy cricket specific trainer.

Plenty of repairers doing it but most don't want to share their suppliers information, as having to get them through various sources leading back to Asia I presume.

I know T.College used to stock them years ago but things have changed now and there would be quite a big demand for them if word was put out the repairers that they are being stocked in good quantities, I have used around 8000 in the last 9 months, others must be using more than me!!!

I have been lucky in getting hold of some but it is getting harder and having to order large amounts, 3 months in advance is a real pain.

I'd like to be able to ring up my wholesaler and order a reasonable amount when I need them, and they arrive in 2-3 days like any other material.

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