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Multloc interactive blanks are available in the uk but most places only sell the newer ones which have the warding on the opposite side. First search result i got on google for the old type was https://ne[Website Removed]/product/mul-t-lock-interactive-blank/ they seem a bit expensive and I don't know the company but a trade account could be cheaper.





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There is an age old argument of does one copy keys that say restricted on them, even ones that you know haven't been an active keyway for years.

I don't feel mtl interactive fall into the restricted category anyway, I don't recall their keys saying restricted on them.

If a manufacturer say you shouldn't copy their keys does it mean it's key cutting law? 

I don't think so, most manufacturers will use their own arguments as to why you using a non genuine key has voided their warranty but as far as the key cutting police goes if you can get a key blank why shouldn't you help your customer out and cut a key.

The customer can and will just move onto the next shop that will cut one and give them theur money instead and tell everyone else youre no good..

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I've probably missed somthing in the rules somewhere but how come the website in my post has been removed when other threads contain links to websites unedited?

Are we not allowed to link websites at all?


Just asking so I don't make a mistake again.



Edit, I realise it's done by the system but not sure how other posts don't get changed. At least I know for future.

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7 minutes ago, Dave the locksmith said:

MTL will prosecute people cutting patented keys without a card being present. Last one i heard of got done for £10K plus the cost of re-doing the complete suite that had been compromised. Total cost in excess of £50K


Do you have actual evidence of this Dave, Court case date which court etc.

I have been led to believe this story is an urban myth and would like to actually see proof it actually happened.

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I've been a locksmith over 20 years and am very active on most of the forums and never heard of any company ever even taking someone to court over cutting a key not alone winning a court case.

Doesn't mean it's not happened but I'm very sceptical and the numbers quoted are way way inflated in my opinion even if it did happen.



There is a suit filed in the US 2 years ago over intellectual ownership but it's going nowhere fast and it was applied to be thrown out. $400 for trademark infringement  https://unicourt.com/case/pc-db5-mul-t-lock-usa-inc-et-al-v-united-hardware-supply-inc-et-al-936590#case-details

Another one in 2017 that is against 9 companies but is only listed as other and has no definition for the grounds of the lawsuit. From what I can see it was thrown out before it got very far. https://unicourt.com/case/rc-js1-mul-t-lock-usa-inc-v-access-locksmith-security-inc-119918


I can not find anything else other than some very old (over 15 years) trademark infringements that didn't get past the first contact. I think someone cutting a key wouldn't get past the lawers, they can't seem to get trademark, copyright or patent law suits to stick so I'm doubtful they would even send a letter.


Only my opinion though.



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