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Just for interest:

When I posted I had already looked at JMA CI-1D which is supposed to be the equivalent of Silca CS17.

Having a close look at it shows that Silca CS17 matches your key and JMA CI-1D does not (without modification).


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Funny you say that, I was texting a mate last night about it and he said CS17 but I looked up an image of CI-1D which didn't look right.

Once I got to the shop this morning and looked in person the CS17 Silca blank looks perfect. They definelty look different in the catalogues but I haven't got both blanks here to test.

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So the CS17 has one wider groove on the reverse where as the CI-1D has two thinner ones which presumably is the difference you can see on the profile of the key. 

Obviously both should do the same job. I wonder why both companies make them differently?


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