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Will this be a fully restricted key or will I be able to get them somehow?

The original company can not be contacted anymore and I've now got the maintenence contract for the locks on the building so trying to save my new customer the cost of changing every lock I'm hoping I can get some blanks to make some new keys they need.


As always, any help appreciated.



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Cut keys could possibly be available to code through Aldridges/Keyprint (or other suppliers) Specials dept.

Not so sure about the blanks unless you want to take on a load of cylinder stock as well to take over the profile.

Never an easy option as the keys will be expensive.



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Thanks for the reply, I will consider the options and try the suggested keys, I don't want to take on the keyway and I think my customers are on a tight funding budget to justify expensive options.

I'll report back.


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