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4 hours ago, k4mrc said:

Lee from this forum used to - not sure but well worth asking

He did but when Lee gave the forum up to move on to other things (and who could blame him because it was so time consuming) i'ts not quite been the same since. I think there was more money in bikes. :smt046

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21 hours ago, Kay Smith said:


Just wondering if anyone does watch repair courses or training on this forum


Thanks Kay 

Have you searched YouTube? There are loads of tutorial videos on there. 

Get yourself a load of old watches and play, play and play. 

I taught myself basic watch stuff over lockdown and now it is becoming a decent part of my business. The more you take on the more you learn.


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thanks for the recommendations, I no longer do the courses. I only did them during more desperate times to top things up. My Son & I are now marching on with of all things YouTube! our channel is growing rapidly & we are launching our website sales on the back of it very soon. (Bikespeeds if you're interested) and as mentioned I'm 90% bikes now and plan on stepping away from the trade in the coming years when the time is right. I did compile this mini book to complement the course which might be of help.


watch battery replacement guide..pdf

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