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If wanting to get a pair of shoes resoled (from leather soles to rubber soles) and get shoes refurbished, would anyone suggest that its necessary to go back to the Original shoemaker for this. (E.g. Trickers, Barker and Cheaney)? Or, does it work fine using a established local cobbler? For example, is the shape of the shoe compromised in anyway or the finishing of the shoe?

This question is influenced by the fact that the original shoemaker is charging twice of what the local cobbler is charging.

If anyone has experience on the matter, then please do share.

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Most professional cobblers are capable of offering this service, plenty of whom are members on here.

If the correct care is taken, the shoes should fit just like they currently do, although, on very rare occasions, they might need to be worn in again. (This is usually when the footbed has been replaced.)

Save your money and let some of the great folk on here show you what they have to offer.

As an ex-cobbler of over 35 years, I can tell you that some of the members are the best in the trade.

Plus, your investing in a small business and not lining the pocket of some CEO. ;)



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5 hours ago, kobblers said:


Plus, your investing in a small business and not lining the pocket of some CEO. ;)



Not very fair, without those deep pockets there wouldn’t be any Goodyear welted shoes for small scale cobblers to repair! 

Goodyear welted footware is the best footware.... they can be resoled endlessly! 

i can’t imagine you need the insole replaced and it’s not something that should be replaced if it is still functional! 

you put allot of work into making that insole the best fitting insole you will find. 

100% you should go to a small cobbler on someone’s recommendation..... the original manufacturer is charging high because there’s more individual labour involved repairing an old shoe than there is batch producing a new pair. 

You should get the work done and keep the shoes for many more years to come... good quality shoes get better with age if you look after them! 

I hope someone recommends somebody for you... I don’t know anyone on here well but there is some on here with an incredible amount of knowledge! 
regards Mat

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