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Newbie with Gravo M40DV Gravo 8 Explorer on Win 10 need set up info for engraving brass horse and dog id plates

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I have purchased '07  M40dv used and bought new G8 explorer. (No Dongle with click software on old laptop) I can't afford training just winging it! I have figured out diamond drag on Anodised Aluminium pet tags. Now want to try brass halter plates, need help with choosing correct tool and machining settings. Just a grandma hobbyist trying to get started Ontario, Canada.

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How do I set this page? 



brass plate 3 in x 1 in x .03 thick

These are my only tools. Diamond drag doesn't get deep enough. which cutter? how much downward pressure 1-4? Speeds? lubrication? how many passes? at what depths? you tube doesn't show this. I need a cheat sheet for each medium.  Brass plates, Anodised aluminium pet tags, gravo plastic signs. All the internet info is for lasers not rotary spindle like M40.


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oooft where do you start?

software is easy to use.

1. correct machine? is it m40

2. correct material size? i work in mm

3. correct orientation? what way do you want  the letters to run on material

4. correct jig position? centred in vice,or from top left hand corner of large plate jig

5. correct tool lift? how high do you want the tool to lift between letters

6. speed desired? fast hit the xy buttons 4 times

7. motor on/off? highlight the spindle motor button on/off

8. cutter depth is done by the nose cone. 

phone me if you want anymore 

carry on! 

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