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Instacode with Silca YW1P issue.

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I did my first ever Abus T82-1940 key for an internet punter, inputting Silca YW1P as the blank and then inputting the code 1940, and Instacode on the NInja Laser cut it to the code he gave but the customer has now contacted me to say the key isn't working and enclosed a picture of his original key which has totally different bitting..........(My Instacode had the bitting has 22321132)

After reentering his key code into Instacode on my laptop, it shows my key as being correct which it's obviously not so I inputted the bitting which I read as 11213132 and IC shows two other codes, which are 2144 and 4688?

So, I searched under Abus in my Ninja Laser and it's now showing as the one side of the key with the correct bitting and the other side has the erroneous bitting?????

Can anyone advise, please?

Thanks. Rick.


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