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I have 2017 Honda CB125F AKL, Blank is HON72P
Key made using Silca HON41/42 Card 148 last 5 cuts turns seat and fuel cap lock.  _ _ _ 13221
Using J00-U39 a cutting-tree gave the follow possibilities which were progressed on HON72P, but none turn ignition lock

Key 1
J28  11213221
K62  11313221
P67  12313221
U28  13313221
Key 2
L90  12113221
N53  12213221
S69  13213221
Key 3
R02  13113221

I didn't realise there was a P01-P100 series and noticed the key above has a 3 in first position, J00-U39 only allows a 1 in the first
What are the possibilities using  _ _ _ 13221 in the P01-P100 series?



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