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Ingersoll keys to code

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I've found that Instacode shows that you can cut Ingersoll S and A series keys to code but when I input the customer's code, it's telling me that the series isn't listed.

I've tried inputting the code as it's printed on the key and also moved the S in the middle to the front of the code but still no joy.

Am I missing something?

Thanks. Rick.



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These codes are not on InstaCode, or Silca as far as I'm aware.

The first 3 digits refer to the top of the key (with the cuts shifted to the tip), the last 3 digits refer to the bottom of the key (with the cuts shifted to the bow). Top and bottom are indicated by the stamped inscription. The single letter refers to the key section, but the codes and cut specifications are the same across all their keys of the same size.

There are only <1000 key codes, it's a scrambled lookup table, no maths involved. Due to the cut specifications, there can only be 1024 unique key cuts on one side of the key minus invalid sequences. Not sure how they're not available in software yet, they've not changed in decades.

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