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11 hours ago, grahamparker said:

Will the HPC universal pins fit Keith. What diameter are the pins ?. I’m in Jamaica till Tuesday if you don’t get sorted give me a call.

I have many pinning kits including the Labtech which caters for 20 different brands.

Unfortunately, none are suited. All too thin.

I need a replacement battery to measure the diameter with my digital calipers.

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I am guessing a screw in cylinder is a mortise cylinder ?

if no proper pin kit or pins to fit,

if the pin chamber diameter is just short of the pin diameter you can in many cases use a number drill bit of the proper diameter and carefully enlarge the diameter of the pin chambers,

I have done this more times then I care to count for offshore cylinders / plugs that have undersized pin chambers by 1 or 2 thousands of an inch,

I tighten the bit into a vise horizontally and carefully spin the plug onto drill bit by hand,

so basically measure pin diameter, choose a number drill bit of the just over closest diameter which is usually within 1 or 2 thousands of an inch and enlarge the pin chambers,

another possibility is to go old school and acquire some welding rod and or hard brass / steel stock from a machine shop or hobby store in a diameter to fit and make your own pins,


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