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Flower Power trophy needed

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Hi Sarah

I did see those, and it may well be the way we have to go, but was a bit put off by the £5.50 wanted for postage when my customer only wants one to add to the three that she'd ordered from us a couple of weeks ago when Trend still had them.

I think I'll suggest that she orders them herself, and maybe gets enough for next year too so that the postage is spread out a bit.

Thanks, Valerie

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On 8/17/2022 at 11:16 AM, Trendsetting Awards said:

Hi Valerie @Forest Cobbler

We have a new sample as attached which is going into the 2023 catalogue.  We can send this free of charge if it helps.  Unfortunately we can no longer buy the old flower design.  

Kind regards



Is it just me, or has this new one has got a really sinister face compared the previous little cutie pop?! :twisted::lol:

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