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Abus had something to do with Deseo about 10 years ago.

Long story but basically the blank advised by Abus was a genuine or Universal 6 pin blank.

It was the original 3 star kitemarked abus cylinder that failed one of the BS tests due to the clutch mechanism on the cam and a whole load of stock was scrapped overnight.

I had one of the very early test variants to play with and did actually stock the clyinders for a good few months before they disappeared.

Looks like Abus are now having the new X60 manufactured by a well known 3 star manufacturer in the far east.

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Thought the same Azaloid, many thanks Graham too. My search prior to posting pulled up a bit of the history of the company with Abus. Wasn’t on instacode and not had chance to check to see if anything shows on the futura yet. Be another one for code maker I’m sure! 

Thanks for replies

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