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Did you provide customer a bag when handing them back ? 

Here's my view, whatever the bag situation at some point the customer has put something else in bag with shoes while shopping. A magazine most likely and the ink has transferred onto them because that stain definitely has pattern. She's either trying it on or hasn't realised what she's done. 

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54 minutes ago, The Worksop Heel Bar said:

we had done the repair weeks ago and don't bag anything up until any polish we put on is fully dried. We use paper shoe bags when they are done. I told the customer it looked like a transfer from something else as, like you said, it had a pattern and some of the stains are brown and some are a dark blue.

I'd stand my ground as it behooves her to prove that you're at fault.


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3 hours ago, The Worksop Heel Bar said:

to be fair to the customer she was really understanding when i explained it wasn't us at fault and i told her id ask on here to see if there was any remedies

Had a similar 'stain' on a lv handbag the other week. Transpired that the bag was packed into suitcase for her holidays and that's how it came out when she unpacked it in T'egypt.

Best stain remover i use is actually off a mate who makes vinyl signs and called 'Trade Pro PVCu' cleaner.

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I read something a few months back about nude suede ( I think it was a link from an American shoe repair Facebook page) explaining that bruising can occur beneath the top coat but above the colour and there is no way of removing it. It is caused by being knocked or dropped. 


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