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Can anyone help me ID the correct blank for a Honda CBR600f, key code 2332 ?

Instacode suggests HON33, HON38R, HON39 and NE19........#-o 

I tried the SIlca online catalogue but it isn't listed.

As usual, the customer has no bloody key for me to check out.....](*,)

TIA. Rick.

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Really if your selling just the non transponder type and no key it's not going to start. 

The CBR600F3 is a mechanical key a earlier bike m/c fyi

A and B 3 digit codes for Honda

IE left or right key profiles If your given a stamped code for Honda Look at the last 3 digits for correct key code ..older models.

C and D 3 digit codes for Honda 

look to be the earliest HONDA

HONDA 1988 CBR600F Hurricane 



best tip I can give any one when your starting out and learning as you go is gaining experience its really the Key and best way 

software helps too .







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