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Zeiss key with skewed fluting

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I just post this for fun, I have never seen fluting asymmetrical to the blade.

I will not follow up on this with Zeiss in Berlin. They are always a little awkward in that they confront me with enormous distrust right from the start, because I dare to ring them from a foreign telephone number. Their sort of localness and protectiveness is astounding for Londoners.


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I've rotated the image to make the edge of the key vertical and marked the centre of the key (by pixel count) with an X, along with the left hand side and right hand side of the key.

I've also marked an X equidistant either side of the centreline on the bow.

As the centre of the key aligns with the centre of the bow when the key is vertically aligned with the edge of the key it must be the fluting that is misaligned as Growster has stated.

The second image shows the same process, but this time aligning the key vertically with the fluting, however this time it can be seen when an X is marked equidistant either side of the bow it doesn't line up, again showing that it is the fluting that is misaligned.

Best Regards




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It looks like the cuts are relative to the fluting rather than the bottom of the key (right hand side in the image).

As you say it could be intentional, maybe to make it more difficult to copy, in which case the keyway broaching may not necessarily be tapered, only needing to be wide enough to fit the widest part of the key.

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