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I haven't found too many Assa keys to make any better judgement, but from my research I know of Twin-* keys with the same profiles and/or 4 digit sidebar codes in UK and in the US. I've heard many people claim the countries/regions/dealerships have their own codes which may be true to some extent, but I've seen various examples where that is not the case 100% of the time. Sadly they are tight-lipped with literally any information as usual. I'd be surprised if they only had 18 key profiles, it would make sense they use a lot more. Some use the identification format of 3 digits, and some use 2 digits + 1 letter + 2 digits (eg. 05C14).

If anyone has some Twin-* keys laying around, I'd love if they can help me with some of my research.

Other than that, I believe only an Assa dealer can sort extra keys out for the patented systems.

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