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This is a genuine machine bought from Kap a few years ago.

Cost now would be £7612 +VAT =£9134

On Kaps advice, I will add annual maintenance and assist plan including support prior to the sale. This is just over £400's worth.

Looking for 4K

Comes with The Fiat Protag.

FR008 Ford

ON013 Vauxhall


FN017 Fiat

VL004 Volvo

JL002 Jag/Range rover

RR015 Renault

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This is now £3K.

Buy your own support

These modules are added free of charge by Kap diagnostics when AMS (support is purchased).

TN007 toyota 

JL003 and jl004 jag

rn012 renault

alot of AN vag licences 

suzuki and honda

More info herehttps://www.kapdiagnostics.com/avdi-commanders/avdi/avdi-hardware-basic-software.html

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to potential buyers of this , its worth noting that once you reinstate ams to this unit you will recieve a number of additional key programming licences free , including 

tn007 toyota

jlr003 and jlr004 jaguar land rover

RN012 renault 

quite a few AN vag licences 

suzuki and honda 

there are some more they added to the units with ams but cant remember them all , but once you buy ams you should get this extra coverage too as well as all the diag coverage of course.

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everything is a tough sell at the minute , especially high end tools like abrites , largely due to the costs of ams when expired and the ongoing ams and support costs and the cost to bring licences up to date , so many turn now to the china offerings.

im seeing more smart pro , zedfull and abrites units for sale now yet rarely see the main 3 china tools for sale secondhand.

A good friend of mine bought the full avdi on promotion years ago for £10k , hes since added various updates to it too for a number of years , hes now retired and struggling to get offers anywhere near its worth.

everyone these days is a jumble saler wanting cheap.

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