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Complete Engraving business for sale.

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The Cotswold Engraver is available for sale.

After much thought we have decided to sell our business, The Cotswold Engraver. The business was established in 2009 in Moreton in Marsh, Gloucestershire. The whole business is up for sale to include U-marq CX4 (serial connection), U-marq Universal 350, many accessories for the above, Varga saw, Gravograph B6 beveller, laminate and brass flat stock, trophies and components. Also available is an established local customer base for anyone interested.  The business does not include the premises which we now use to trade from with our new venture. I can give full details of stock value, turnover etc to any seriously interested party. Prefer to sell the business as a whole and keep it local rather than splitting up so would make a good ready made venture for someone looking to open up another shop locally to us. Why are you selling you may ask?  During the 1st lockdown of 2020 we mothballed the engraving business (much like everyone else) there just wasn't the work for an engraving specialist business and launched a new venture. Now trade is picking up again for the trophies and engraving we are getting many more enquiries and simply cannot do both so have decided to concentrate on the new venture, wanting to give aomeone else the opportunity to take this established business forwards.

More than happy for anyone to pay us a visit in Moreton to see the set up and discuss further.

DM me for more details.

Kind regards Andy

The Cotswold Engraver



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