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What's the best way to pick the older Toyota 8 wafer locks? I struggle to turn it fully after getting it into anti-pick on the split wafers. Should I hold the plug with a screwdriver and turn the pick over to try & get the 2 halves that aren't picked yet or is there a particular trick to doing it? Thanks

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use the toyota 8 cut pick its a different pick to the 10 cut toy43AT tool , you need the dedicated toy43 8 cut pick , pick the lock if it doesnt fully turn then check positions 4 and 7 as they may need picking again as these are the split wafers

you must treat it a bit like a 4 track lock , once you pick the lock and it turns 40 degrees , you now need to go back to positions 4 and 7 and pick one or both of these again for the lock to turn fully open.

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