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Fault finding Z12A Yale dimple/track keys

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15 minutes ago, hakeemz said:

yes clearly 6 dimple cuts on original and only 4 on copies also track is visibly too short

Track is always short when using a Silca machine, it DOES NOT effect the key working but it save a little bit of cutter wear and tear on every key.

Which card did you use Chris ? Should be card 4541 SN 2068

I think these cards are only available on a Triax Pro or on older machines but using the Silca Software and you know how much that costs.

Only ever had 1 failure on the Z12A and that was for trade customer so never had the original key. Cut 2 then re calibrated and tried again all failed.

But other than those we have cut over 100 without problems.

If you have the key present then have a Mustang or similar as a manual backup option.

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On 2/10/2022 at 1:33 PM, Mark Davis said:

First thing to establish why my your machine does not remove any material from cuts 1 & 4?

We've always wondered that, too. Our clamp is calibrated properly and the cutters are all new enough, but most keys we make look different. That said, they generally work (barring some of these newer ones).


Graham, we've used the card you suggested on the Silca software (which we begrudgingly bought, after recovering from the shock of the price). Reckon making the cuts even deeper might do the trick? 0.15 is nowhere near enough to make the 1-cuts visible.

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3 minutes ago, Dave the locksmith said:

If using a triax make sure the cutter is sharp, i had a problem where the cutter went blunt (not damaged) resulting in shallow cuts. Short term cure was to run the key through twice on each side.

Had the same problem with the Yale genuine blanks when they first took over Magnum they where so bloody hard. Swapped to Keyline or Silca and that seemed to work. The new yale genuine are a lot softer and cut a lot better.

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