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Hi Guys,


This has been up here for a couple of months and so far we have got over 40 surveys completed.   The site is starting to get a lot of traffic and queries from customers looking for repairs, keys cut and other services.  Many of these have been directed to you guys directly.

I think its a good tool for the industry as the  price structures that the end user see is broad.  Although it does give them a description of the service and the work involved. While we will see a better structure from across the country when results are released here.  You don't have to use your real name, you don't have to use your go-to email (create a new Gmail if you want) .Try to use the correct region as it helps accuracy. 

Nobody gets to see your specific information.  UAP don't even have access to anything. 

If we don't get at least 70 entries them i'm afraid it wont be worth compiling the results this year and probably moving forward.  I know there have been many people who are asking about the survey, year on, year out who have not done it this year...  Remember you are not helping me, you are helping the industry get more exposure... most searches on Google before this site went towards Timpsons.

I have wrote up many reviews for members here on the directory which helps with SEO and ranking their sites on GMB.  If you aren't listed yet, fill in the survey, and use the contact form to get your business reviewed and i will prioritise getting it listed.

Do you just do car keys?  Great.  Just select the car keys tab at the start of the survey and you don't even see the other questions not related to car keys.  Same with Watch repairs etc... It's customised for you so you don't have to fill out unnecessary questions.  https://whatsthedamage.net/survey/

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I started when things went quiet at the start of lockdown but hired a couple of VA's to assist with the reviews.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I have already been offered 4k for the site.  Alternatively i could put AdSense on it but really wanted to do something for all of us.  Its a bit disappointing when you do something to potentially assist the industry and the people of the industry (many who say are struggling) cant take 10 minutes of their day to promote us all. 

I even took impartiality to a new level and added the timpsons shops that are excelling.  (remember James Timpson was on this froum before many forced him off with negative comments)  Without support from you guys here i will know when to stop and recoup my time spent with other monetisation methods.  That time is close.  You guys can't say i haven't made a big effort to support the industry... I have made nothing from this in order to be impartial and support us all.  Ill recoup the time i spent if i sell it, but i would rather non profit it here to the benefit of us all.

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Ok... Back working.   we are up to about 50 submissions....  The survey results will be done and posted here 100%...  But let's try to get it up to 60.  7 days left before deadline.... If you can email a friend in the industry to fill it out, please try.  Its good for all of us.

Search - Shoe repair prices , on google ...last time i checked were were ranking pretty high as well as "key cutting prices".....  I'm trying to get "locksmith prices" up there but it's harder due to the competition...

So here's Graham with a quick reminder...  Lets grow this... The buy and throw out culture is fading and will not return anytime soon due to Greta etc.  let's promote our services.  People want stuff repaired (much to my dismay, as i am flat to the mat in the shop ATM)  https://whatsthedamage.net/survey/ 

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On 1/15/2022 at 2:51 PM, Forest Cobbler said:

Just completed the survey. Does the shop get added to the directory map etc.  automatically or do we need to submit anything else?

Thanks, Valerie

Hey Valerie.  We will review your business shortly.  Heads up.  Any procrastinators still out there, 24 hours left before its closed for this year. Thanks

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