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Machines blowing fuses.

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One of my No18 grinders is constantly blowing fuses on start-up, does anyone have any experience of this and possible fixes? It starts for a second then blows the plug fuse, with a new fuse in it'll start up once fine then blows the fuse the second time. I thought it must be the start capacitor but it's been painted over at some point so I can't tell any of the spec to order a replacement. 

I'm waiting to hear back from Peter at Siserve but not heard anything for a while so thought I'd try here for any good advice in the meantime. Thanks


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We always recommend using isolators as shown in the pics.  These are safe, recommended by H&S/insurance companies and give you more control over isolating power supply and disconnection in the event of a serious electrical issue.  All our machine (single phase-blue) or (three phase-red) are supplied with plugs to fit these types of sockets, NOT bare wired, it's the most sensible way to supply machinery.


In the past, you may have been able to use your band scourer using a 13amp supply, however, as the motors get old, they generally draw more current, which is why it now blows fuses, the problem normally occurs on start up when the current drawn to start the motor is at it's highest.  Never ever run machines form these sources.  As it happens, I have seen a Lynx finisher for sale on e-bay where the seller is claiming it can be run from a three pin plug, good luck with that!!! Dangerous and asking for trouble, but that's e-bay for you!


NO cooker sockets or THREE PIN, domestic plugs please!

32A Isolator I phase.jpg


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