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I have just received the following statement from our very good friends at J Rendenbach.  
I am sure that many will be as shocked and surprised as I am. They have been huge supporters of the UK shoe repair industry for many years and have always attended the exhibitions and provided us with a fantastic repair competition 

on behalf of the UK trade I would like to thank Hanns and Stefanie as the faces we knew for their friendship and support  

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


on behalf of Mr. Hanns Rendenbach I may send you herewith attached an official statement of the company Joh. Rendenbach jr. …













Sometimes it is difficult to take the first step. Especially when it’s not followed by a beginning, but an end.



Dear valued customers, business partners and friends of the company,



I truly regret to inform you, that with beginning of next year the tannery Joh. Rendenbach jr. will close its doors forever – and thus the tradition will end after 150 years with the fourth generation. 


Within the past ten to fifteen years not only the situation on the raw material market, especially the resulting scarcity and permanently decreasing quality, have made (surviving) life more and more difficult. 


Above all, the wearing behavior of society, the trend toward “more comfortable” walking, the social ability of the sneaker and the steadily falling demand for a leather sole, which was not only found in the area of shoe repair, but unfortunately became also more and more apparent in the collections of exclusive shoe manufactories, have influenced the situation in our tannery.


All these things – unavoidably accelerated by the pandemic – lead to this one inevitable conclusion.





We will be happy to receive your orders until the beginning of next year, though we have to point out that we are already sold out in certain product ranges and thicknesses – especially in the part of bends and leather soles!


Without a doubt we shall contact you again at the beginning of the New Year!


Until then I remain with best regards from Trier








Hanns Rendenbach



With kind regards


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Thats such a shame, such a historic loss. I wish Hanns and his family all the best for the future & would like to say a huge thank you for supporting our trade with the JR competition as they did. I myself have been through the highs & lows of the business world, it doesn't matter the size of the business the struggles are similar & as your business sees its final stages would like to say how grateful I am for the competition you yourselves supported. 

The publicity I gained with out doubt was enough to see me through one difficult patch with the up turn in footfall through the publicity I generated with it, even though I never won it! it truly has played a part in my journey.

good luck moving forward.



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