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Yale Patented 1* Superior 10 Pin / XHV181 / Z12A KEY - SA, SB, SC Codes

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Good Afternoon Everyone

I'm new to the foum and have no experience as a key cutter. I have an issue. 

I have a key & lock (names in the title of the post) that i would like cutting, I've spoken to the chap at Timpsons and he's told me a need a card that comes with the lock to have one cut. The issue is that i don't have said card. 

My question is in three parts:

A - How can you guys tell the codes just from a glance? - I've seen a few topics in which Graham has commented saying " it looks like "A 2322, B 332, C 2121" etc. 

B - Would i be able to go back to a local locksmith with the codes and ask them to have a go for me? If so, can anyone ID the codes from the attached pictures? 

C - if B is not possible - Would someone here be able to cut me a new key from the pictures please? 

Thanks everyone, 




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Timpson can send a key off for you to have cut but that leaves you without the key for a couple of days.

personally I would change the lock so you have all the proper info needed and can guarantee better security of the premises.

nobody’s likely to give someone with a new account the code. Only long time, trusted users.

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