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I have ordered this key from SKS couple of years a go, It was for a customer's Keyed alike locking system. I have one blank left now , it has no number/reference on it.

I remember I could not find the key on SKS website , so emailed them the photo and they sent me some. 

Hope this helps  


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13 hours ago, keyman said:

MIddle key. Not the top one.

I too have ordered this blank using the MK101 reference, as recently as June, yet now SKS/JMA website is no longer recognising it.


45 in stock, according to the site.

Looks like TC also has them:







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19 hours ago, kobblers said:

Sadly the MK101 is an Obsolete section, We have tried to ask the original supplier of these to produce them but they have also said no these are obsolete . 

So if you can get the blanks as above, get them while they are still around , as when they are gone .... they are gone ...... 


Regards Tony 

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