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Hi all, struggling with this Fiamma Ultra roofbox.  It's unlocked but customer has no keys.  Normally roofboxes tend to be LF12 but that's not going in.   Code is 1501, I've flicked through the Silca program and cant find anything that seems to match.  Locks are rivetted on, so I'd rather not go into taking it apart.

The two blanks I've managed to get to fit in so far are Silca SSF1R and MF1R 

Any ideas?


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another thing is since it is offset it could be a sidebar type lock,

when in the locked position, if you open the shutter and scope the wafers and they are all sitting at the same height, that indicates the use of a sidebar to me,

like the old GM 6 cut locks,



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I did think it could be a single sided key judging by the key way.  The wafers are all on one side too.   I can't get a decent look at the keyway. Thought this looked like a possibility seeing you mentioned Zadi  https://www.replacementkeys.co.uk/zadi-e-series-keys.html?keycode=1501.  Cut one myself and it goes in perfect....the wrong way round

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