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Key Programmer help

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this is going to depend on so many things , makes , models and years that you hope to be programming remotes to .

do you also want to program the remote keys you cant match a cloned chip to so programming on board chip and remote to the car , if so then makes , models and years factor in your choice of equipment .

if you want a good all rounder then smart pro will do alot of what you seek, if within the budget you want to spend .

if on a tighter budget consider a used mvp pro , im508 from autel has alot of coverage too.

lots of excellent tools out there , tdb1000 , truecode , zedfull but may be more than what you require , specialist make tools like abrites , vvdi2 , vvdi mb , vag tacho , supervag extreme mb tool and many more .

if just wanting to match remotes to keys you have cloned then if in budget smart pro is a decent fit , used mvp pro if budget tight .

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if looking at autel , then im508 and im608 are decent tools , for what you want to do i would go for the IM508 as IM608 will be too many functions that you wont use.

im608 has a larger screen and has alot of engine diagnostics functions which i doubt you will use , the annual subscription is £700

IM508 has a smaller screen , only basic engine diagnostic functions and the annual subs are under £300 .

IM508 if you also buy XP400 with it has the exact same key programming functions as IM608 , no difference between coverage at all on key programming , the difference between the 2 is just the larger screen and the engine diagnostic functions , i suspect you only need the key programming functions in which case im508 with xp400 is far cheaper to buy and £400 plus a year cheaper on subs.

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