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Chacka Bay Cut To Code Machine

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I have just been given a Chacka Bay Cut To Code Machine in very good working condition, the problem is, I have no idea how to cut keys with this machine, no instructions or manual available, and the key database in the machine means nothing to me, I would really like to get into cut to code car keys so any advice or help would be most welcome, also if anyone can point me in the right direction where i can learn about sight reading laser cut keys that would be a great help to me, also, where can I get mechanical key codes, in the mean time i will carry on manually cutting, thanks in advance.

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I remember years ago the chakka bay was the talked about machine. Seemed really popular. Probably about 10 years ago though.

maybe you could find some info using the search function. I think a lot of old topics disappeared when the site changed over though.

I think it’s unlikely there are any spare parts available though so unless you’ve got a big supply of spare blades, you might spend a large amount of time learning to use it only to find out you’ve worn out your last blade practicing.

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1 hour ago, dakes2 said:

really are some idiots on this site

Oh dear, Someone that ain't got a sense of humour... :smt102

For your information; the ChackaBay was introduced into the Auto Locksmith industry by Hickleys some 10 year ago.

It had to be the the worst automated machine launched on the market.

It was widely referred to (within the industry) as the "Chuck A Way" due to it's lack of quality and price tag.

1 hour ago, dakes2 said:

I've had enough of it here

Cya :smt039

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Thanks very much to you guys for your info on this, it was given to me free and in very good condition, i have a good supplier for blades and cutters , but i wont be using the machine to be honest as i have other machines, just wanted to find info on it really, thanks again for your help guys.

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11 hours ago, dakes2 said:

really are some idiots on this site, with spare time on there hands, nothing else to do but make sarcastic remarks, ive had enough of it here


My mate has one and still uses it occasionally, we do refer to it as the chukaway as it has so many issues and problems but his still works and bails him out every now and then.

If you do not have a sense of humour then maybe forums are not the best place to be anyway. You will always get help here but what is the point in a stale robotic forum with no personality.

Do not take it personally it is never offensive or cruel just trying to inject some humour into the difficult times we are currently going through.

I have used a chaka bay and for its price when launched it offered so much but it wasn't really very good at all hence the price and why it became known as the chuka away.

Most machines like this have very little user info or manuals that make no sense at all. Youtube is always a good starting point.


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