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First things first is to clean the locks with brake cleaner & pipe cleaners, dental picks and so on or whatever you use so the springs and wafers move freely, get all the old grease & goo out, make it spic & span, and smooth operating,

If the wafers are removable, they may have the depth stamped on them,

After is is clean & working smoothly,

If the 1st wafer nearest face can be removed, do so and insert key blank use a probe and mark key blank edge,

this will give you the position of the 1st wafer in that lock,

measure from shoulder to that mark to see where it lies per the ICode diagram,


In picture of plug with key blank inserted, wing side up, shoulder down...( I am assuming that it is inserted correctly )

remove key,

use a file and stroke shoulder to tip to remove plating to make tiny grooves length wise,

insert key again,

use screwdriver to push down on  wafer closest to face and rock it to leave a perpendicular mark on the blank,

again as above measure from shoulder to ascertain the 1st wafer position on that particular lock and compare to the ICode diagram,

Now insert key and site read the wafers as there are only 4 depths,

Read 1st nearest bow, write it down, rotate 180 * read 2ed wafer from bow, write it down  and so on,

If not sure of reading wafers, cut 1 depth shallow and test before going to next depth,

Code  cut that part of the key,

Progress or (use a fill program if available) to finish key for ignition, or,

You may also be able to gently impression the missing cuts,

I would bet the missing ignition cuts are nearest the shoulder


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