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Just had Marino come to 'rescue me' my laser ls100 decided to play around, 

he was brilliant!

spent quite a bit of time checking everything that needed checking, realigned everything that had somehow 'moved independently' and found the problem and sorted it. I had to but a new part but hey ho. roughly 10 years old, lots of use - these things happe,

whilst here he gave my is400 volume the once over, and even though it's only about 3 years old, I was quite staggered on how many things were wrong with it! seems that it wasn't set properly from the start!

Anyhow, I have booked him in for next year already and will definitely be using ONLY HIM from now on.

I recommend you all consider him for your stuff, problems - 

Marino Service 

email him



you will be impressed and very happy


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Agree totally.

He saved me twice in the xmas rush when my laser went down. Replaced motor that went only for the new one to then go within 24 hours as it was faulty (apparently never happened before). Gravograph were out of stock so he sourced from another customer who had a spare whilst on his travels. All this was out of hours. I'm lucky he lives very close to me!

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