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Shop refit

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Morning all,

I'm at the beginning of a shop re-fit, it's main objective is to totally modernise the shop inside and out.

My job this weekend is to knock down a large wall inside the shop then move the shoe repair machinery to the back of the shop (in newly formed area) and re-build a workshop with clear perspex walls/windows to enclose all the crap that is produced when working on shoes. Then re-jig the rest of thew shop area.

I'm just after some ideas to be honest, show me your shops please. Anything from key cutting area, retail area, how you store rubber sheeting/laminate sheets.....anything you've done that you think is a great idea! (My shop is quite small so any space saving ideas too would be great)

Thanks in advance.


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Be careful your wall change conforms to building regulations, they are far stricter with Commercial than private 

this is my shop. Displays are overly modern but it’s clean tidy and doesn’t look old fashioned. I used to have white walls and painting them orange and blue gave the shop a bit of character and sole




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19 minutes ago, Flash said:

Pegboard and hooks are a bit old hat now, have a look at slat wall.

I slat walled the shop about 5 years ago but i think even that looks old hat now. Although i'm keeping some as slat wall i'm going for glass shelving for engravable gifts. Hence wanting the repair area enclosed in a perspex box!

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