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Upgrading my computer

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Hi all having a lockdown brain fart. Decided to clean install all my engraving software onto a faster computer, running XP as my engraver IS400 Volume does not run on anything else. Everything went well, sneaked into work and hooked the engraver up to new machine, tried to do a test engraving and nothing, on engraving screen test button ok but port button greyed out. I am using an add on port to the computer (all drivers loaded and working recognised that I had dongle in when loading software) I am sure its a simple fix, but this is a week now and I am stumped. Hoping that super smashing guy Ben is available with words of wisdom (apart from upgrade your machine STEVE)

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The Saga continues.....managed to do do all that Beware and Lee told me to do, however I think its the add on port I have introduced into the system that's not linking in, all ports on hardware settings are saying all ports working and drivers are up to date. Clear as mud to most, where do I go from here are there settings I need to adjust or am I being a Biff, please don't answer.

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If GS98 is pointing to a driver, and the driver is pointing to the right port, the last thing to check is that "port" is selected in your machining window.

Then, you should get something on the machine.  If you don't, it's time to try different ports and configurations.


Is it LPT or Serial?



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