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Confirmation please

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I'm about to begin making a new leaf spring for my Simplex Sole stitcher. I purchased some spring stock from a gunsmith supplier in USA. Dixie Gun Works.

Peter Coulson, please don't tell me this is the one part you have a stock of...lol.

I am seeking confirmation from someone who HAS 1 of these machines, regarding the placement of the 2 long bars shown in the first picture. Notice the dog or point on one is slightly longer that the other. Though I am reasonable SURE that these 2 bars are in the correct order, with the longer bar at the rear of the machine, I'd appreciate it if someone would have  a quick peep down at the lower back left corner and observe if the longest bar IS rear-most.

The 3rd picture shows the location, but unfortunately the detail I need is obscured.


Thanks in Advance,



sole sticther.jpg

feed dogs.jpg


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