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Gravograph Software Question

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Hi everybody,

I have been offered a couple of Gravograph machines, one is the same model as my current one but with a better software package, however the machine is older and isn't in as good a condition as mine.

If I were to buy it, could I swap the dongle over to upgrade my machines software? Is it as simple as plugging the dongle in to my PC? I use explorer at the moment and their's has the gravostyle Max.


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18 hours ago, hakeemz said:

if you mention model names of machines and software versions of both it will help in answering this question

You might be right!


Both machines are the M40, I'm currently running gravostyle 7, explorer theirs has the gravostyle 5.

I did make enquiries with gravograph and it seems their software would need to be upgraded to be compatible with my PC so I don't think they are the bargain they first seemed!

Thanks anyway.

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