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Gravograph LS100 ex 'APF CYCLE ERROR'

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Hi all,

Looking for some help/explanation with Gravograph LS100ex 'APF CYCLE ERROR' that randomly appeared after a job and will now not engrave anything and impossible to find out what it means or how to fix it. Assume it's something to do with Automatic Plate Feeder but i don't have one, wasn't using one at the time and the function  is turned off on the machine.

Any help greatly recieved!

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Resolved via PM


Technical Details:

After a recent Windows 10 update by Microsoft, Laserstyle 7 and below (any/all versions of the LSolution driver) now has a bug which will turn the APF on and give APF Cycle fault errors on the laser.  For some reason, it's related to the length of the file name - if you save your job with less than 16 characters, the issue goes away.

Laserstyle 8 has fixed the bug.  Side note: Another Microsoft update to Windows 10 broke all drivers prior to L-Solution 7.28.  So if you experience slow connection to the machine, and are using Windows 10 and GS8, you need to update the L-Solution print driver.

APF = Automatic Plate Feeder, which no one ever uses (about 4 I know of in the UK)

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