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Smart pro Advanced diagnostics

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Bought from Hickleys when they first came out had some issues with it early on sent it back to Hickleys within a couple of months At one point we were told we could have our money back less the token offer when first purchased since then has been back to Hickleys because the screen  Will not come on told ours had been received and was working fine told it had been turned on  every morning and was fine  it was sent back to me and when I tried it it still would not turn on   given a loan machine again  sent it back  told it was being sent to advanced diagnostics for repair called an told it was back fixed but I must give back loan machine to delivery driver machine arrived  guess what still won’t turn on  my machine is out of the twelve month warranty but problems started within the first  couple of months I asked for replacement as mine was obviously faulty but told no I won’t be getting one  what your thoughts ? Having invested in both Hickleys and advanced diagnostics over the year spent thousands on equipment and staff training I can’t say how disappointed I am in the service  I have received and how let down by the product especially when there’s been no issues with the loan machines or the times we’ve had to borrow other machines from  friends when ours has let us down    

Video shows my machine on left 


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I do not really get it what kind of customer service is this ! 

How much does it cost AD to produces the hardware of a unit ? 

Why they just do not replace a faulty unit rather than messing around with repair? 

The AD machines are all about software rather than hardware, they should respect customers spending £££££ with them , but it seems they are not bothered. 

Feel sorry for what happen to Ian and its totally unacceptable .. 


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So  my machine has been back to advanced diagnostics . I receive a call today from dan  Hickleys to say that my machine has been checked and all components are working and they had used on several vehicles they could not find a problem  I ask has he seen the machine working with the screen working  he said no I ask for some video evidence of my machine with the screen working he said shouldn’t be a problem  and took my mobile no to send the footage  I await the footage  here’s my footage of the machine as It was when sent back 



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